Requests for refund or exchange may be made within 30 days of purchase.  To be eligible for, and to begin the process of a refund or exchange, you must provide documentation that the key did not work as advertised by taking screenshot(s) or picture(s) of your purchased key entered into the product and the resulting error message. Requests for refund or exchange cannot be processed without this documentation.  Because of the “one-time use” nature of our product keys, refunds will be denied for any reason other than the demonstrated failure to activate software as advertised.

Because our product keys are procured from various sources, on occasion, an activation error may occur that are not a result of an invalid key despite the text of the error, and may require alternative methods of activation.  Ecomputech is experienced in these issues, and will be happy to provide assistance for such activation errors.  To be eligible for a refund or exchange in these cases, the customer must work with DKS Support in good faith to troubleshoot and resolve any activation issues.  After troubleshooting such an activation error, Ecomputech Support will determine at its sole discretion if they product key sold is indeed invalid and will approve and process the refund or exchange accordingly.

Requests should be emailed to and should include the order number, product name (if more than one in the same order,) and the customer’s preference for a new key or refund.  Requests will be acknowledged within one business day and refunds will be processed within three business days of approval by Ecomputech Support.  Approved refunds will only be applied back to the original method of payment.