Most of our products sold on EcompuTech are delivered digitally (usually instantly after payment confirmation). 
Physical products DVD's / USB's  are shipped using the conventional post office or express service. Shipping time to European countries takes usually around 3 - 10 working days. Rest of the world 5-60 days. All shipments are insured and are recommended which means we will always receive a receipt from the post office confirming the proof of postage and delivery.

Electronic Delivery Items:

While Ecomputech makes every attempt to ensure satisfaction with your purchase, whenever you choose to have a software key or activation details (account) sent electronically, that sale is considered final. Ecomputech cannot issue refunds once product keys or activation details (account) have been distributed. In addition, as soon as the order is placed, we begin processing the order, therefore, no refund will be provided if the customer changes his/her mind after the order has been placed, even before we send the key to the customer.

 Please ensure you replacement request does not meet any of the following restrictions before attempting a replacement request.

1. Incorrect purchases

    We cannot issue a refund or replacement if a customer has purchased an incorrect product and/or the product is not compatible. We endevour to make the product compatibility as clear and visible as possible, and we cannot be help responsible for any incorrect purchases.

    example 1, purchases a windows software package for a Mac machine
    example 2, purchases a product suitable for windows 10 only, but has a windows 8 operating system.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to know the system and compatibility requirements of the product prior to purchasing. Customers are, therefore, required to check the details about each of the product listing before making a purchase. Customers must first contact us before making a purchase on our website If any of our product listings are uncleared to the customer. If there are technical issues that prevent access to your software purchase, please contact our support team for assistance.

2. Installation and/or Activation Issues.
    Our support team are ready to help with any issues you have with your purchased Product Key, therefore before issuing you a refund, we endevour to resolve any issues with you.
    During this process we reserve the right to request digital images, such as a screenshot of the code being entered and the error encountered to help us investigate the issue.
    In some cases, we may need to use remote based access and support software, such as Teamviewer, to resolve your issue.
    Refunds and/or Replacements will only be issued in cases where we have been allowed access to fully investigate and are unsolvable.

 If you have problem with the key before claiming return please provide us with the screenshot of the error message so that we can provide you with the new key.

NOTE that a new key or activation details (account) will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days.